Web Development includes composing the code on the server side which will examine the contributions from the customers and reacts as needs be to the customer demands. Website composition and Web Development are two periods of a similar application advancement extend. Web Development Course has changed the way we impart the way we shop, bank, play recreations, and share data. The change and interest for skilled Internet experts keep on developing.

Our Web Development course understudies will take in the website architecture and advancement aptitudes from our experienced instructors who have at least 4 years involvement in the field of web outlining with instructors direction web planning and improvement course understudies will make rich tweaked database driven sites that are anything but difficult to utilize, look great and can consolidate complex components like, for instance, shopping baskets and Auctions.


In the present period of the web, each organization needs sites to achieve their clients. More web applications are created utilizing programming dialects like PHP. Programming dialects like PHP backings complex outline and design like Facebook. Web Development Training Institute in Chennai In the Web Design industry, the guidelines and engineering change as often as possible which is the reason you ought to go to Web Design Training at an establishment where continuous experts educate. Web planning preparing in Chennai at DLK Career Development Center incorporates outlining utilizing Photoshop and programming utilizing a mix of programming and markup dialects like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, and MySQL.


Our Curriculum

Section 1:Html / CSS     
HTML Overview
HTML Attributes
HTML Tables
Section 2:HTML syntax, tags and basic attributes  
Formatting text with HTML
Adding internal links with named anchor tag
Image and marquee tags, Div and Span, Creating Forms
Section 3:Introduction to CSS   
Syntax and type of selectors
Combination of descendant selectors using IDs and classes
Inline, internal and external CSS, Image opacity
Section 4:Introduction to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)   
W3C standard with validation, Checking errors in HTML/XHTML documents
Procedures for W3C Markup validation, Error checking for W3C CSS validation
Creating user submission forms, Adding content and multimedia
Section 5:Jquery & Ajax   
Introduction Of JQuery, JQuery Effects
Ajax Synchronous / Asynchronous
Advantages of Ajax
Section 6:Mysql   
Databases, Data Types, Tables
Adding data, Modifying data, Removing data
Searching data, Tools for Import/Export
Section 7:PHP   
Introduction to XAMPP (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Apache (HTTP Server)
MySQL (Database),PHP,Perl) software bundles
The basic syntax of PHP, Echo, and print function
Section 8:Singleline and multiline comments, Error reporting   
Embedding PHP to HTML and HTML to PHP
Basic operators
Conditional statements
Section 9:Break and continue statement, String and date functions   
Function with arguments, returning a value, Email function using PHP
Using include, include_once, require, require_once functions
$_Get, POST and $_REQUEST variable, File handling, session management in PHP