This Silver light preparing teaches the designers to fabricate module that runs Rich Internet Applications. It cuts a trimmed down variant of the .NET Framework to web program customer side programming. It additionally gives a UI system that is fundamentally the same as WPF, empowering designers acquainted with WPF to learn Silver light effortlessly. This course demonstrates the principle parts of building UIs with Silver light.


In the prior GUI systems, there was no genuine detachment between how an application looks like and how it is carried on. Silver Light Training Institute in Chennai Silver Light Training Objective is: Introduction to Silver light and its framework Generate XAML for rich user interfaces Define new user interface elements with styles and templates Integrate and stream multimedia content to enhance the user experience Different controls and layouts panels to provide dynamic, responsive user interfaces Create dynamic, data-driven Silver light applications in a team environment Connect to .NET language code to extend the behavior of Silver light elements Using Animations Securities in Silver light


Our Curriculum

Section 1:Introduction to the .NET Frame Work  
.NET Framework
.Net Overview
History of .Net
Versions Of .NET
Section 2:Introduction to Silver light   
Why silver light
Silver light vs WPF
Silver light vs AdobeFlash
Section 3:Basics & Silver light controls   
Creating a silver light application
Embedding silver light application with HTML document,asp.net document
Different parts of silver light application
Section 4:Designing user interface & Data Access     
Introduction to Expression Blend
Design surface
Different controls in the toolbox
Section 5:Grouping and combining objects   
VSIDE vs Expression Studio
Variables in silver light
Using collection in silver light application
Section 6:Isolated storage   
Data binding to controls
Data binding modes
SOA & Animations
Section 7:Using Web Service in Silverlight application     
Using WCF Service in Silver light application
RESTful services
Developing WCF RIA services
Section 8:Drawing Graphics   
2D and 3D animations
Interacting with Html page
Section 9:Interacting with DOM   
Calling silver light from javascript
Calling javascript from silver light
Silver light font support
Silver light full-screen support