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Oracle Training In Chennai


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About Oracle Training

DLK Career Development Centre in Chennai offers top-tier Oracle training in chennai to help you build a strong foundation in Oracle technologies. Whether you are new to the field or looking to advance your skills, our expert instructors provide in-depth knowledge and practical insights. Our Oracle training courses are meticulously designed to cover various aspects of Oracle, making you well-prepared for the industry’s demands.

By choosing DLK Chennai for your Oracle training in chennai, you gain access to a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on projects, and a supportive learning environment. Our instructors bring years of experience to the classroom, ensuring you receive the best guidance available. With Oracle being a cornerstone of many enterprises, our training equips you for a successful career in database management. Join us today and take the first step toward becoming an Oracle expert.

Oracle instructional exercise gives fundamental and propelled ideas of Oracle. Our Oracle instructional exercise is intended for apprentices and experts. Oracle is a social database administration framework. It is generally utilized as a part of big business applications. Our Oracle instructional exercise incorporates all points of the Oracle database, for example, embed record, refresh record, erase record, select record, make a table, drop table, and so on. There are additionally given Oracle inquiries to help you better comprehend the Oracle database. Oracle database is a social database administration framework. It is known as Oracle database, Oracle DB, or basically Oracle. It is delivered and promoted by Oracle Corporation.

Oracle Courses at DLK

Oracle Corporation is the biggest programming organization in the field of database business. Its social database was the first to bolster SQL which has since turned into the business-standard. Oracle database is a standout among the most trusted and broadly utilized social database motors. Oracle Training Institute in Chennai The greatest adversary of the Oracle database is Microsoft’s SQL Server. Oracle was initially created by Lawrence Ellison (Larry Ellison) and his two companions and previous associate in 1977. Oracle DB keeps running on the most real stages like Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS.

A Database designed to compute and manage information and applications to strengthen and widen the level of websites and webpages. Here we provide the best oracle training for engineering students, computer science students as well as beginners in Chennai. We offer the best grid computing and oracle coaching for students to broaden their knowledge and benefit in their future. The oracle training helps to indulge the industry-standard, modular storage and servers. 

One of the best oracle training institutes in Chennai for the students and beginners to gain proficiency on Oracle and Computing. The course duration and the fees will be attained to the comfort level and convenience of the students. The sessions and training would be handled by our experts and experienced staff to exhibit fair explanations on Oracle modules and units. 100% Placement, Certificates and Reports for the students in Chennai. 

Course Highlights and Why Oracle in Chennai at DLK?

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Online Training

Classroom Training

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One to One Training

Customized and Exclusive training based on your requirement.

Team/Corporate Training

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  • What is Oracle?
  • Different editions of the Oracle database
  • History of Oracle
  • Create Table, Create Table As
  • Alter Table, Drop Table
  • Global Temp Tables, Local Temp Tables
  • Create View, Oracle Queries, Oracle Select
  • Oracle Insert, Oracle Insert All, Oracle Update
  • Oracle Delete, Truncate Table
  • Oracle DISTINCT, Oracle FROM
  • Oracle ORDER BY, Oracle GROUP BY, Oracle HAVING
  • Oracle Operators, Oracle Union, Oracle Union All
  • Oracle Minus
  • Oracle Joins
  • Inner Join
  • Equi Join
  • Self Join, Semi Join
  • Cross Join, Anti Join
  • Oracle Procedure
  • Oracle Function
  • Oracle Cursor
  • Oracle BEFORE Trigger
  • Oracle AFTER Trigger
  • Oracle DROP Trigger
  • Oracle ENABLE Trigger
  • Oracle DISABLE Trigger

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Real-Time Experts as Trainers

The trainers are very professionals and friendly. Our trainers are passionate for training the students and well versed with concepts of modules and the students doubts will be also cleared in a good manner.

Live Project

We offer world class teaching and top-notch training to help you discover and groom the technical ability in you. We provide best-in-class infrastructure, online resources, and exposure to you in this world of IT.


When we Certify a Professional , he knows exactly how to deliver a successful project. So get certified, showcase your skills and share your knowledge. Earning certification helps you as an IT professional establish credibility with both your employer and the greater IT industry.

Affordable Fees

Our fees is very normal and affordable to all the students in all their criteria.


Our Training classes offers flexible training options including Class room and online /off line training for your learning needs. Choose what to learn, and when and how to learn it. With our trainers or accredited instructors in a hands-on learning environment.

Placement Support

In placement, we support you in all the ways by giving you well training in your prescribed domain in which will you be able to handle by your own and well versed.

Oracle Certification Training in Chennai

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