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Software Testing Training In Chennai


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About Software Testing Training

This Software Testing preparing teaches the designers to fabricate module that runs Rich Internet Applications. It cuts a trimmed down variant of the .NET Framework to web program customer side programming. It additionally gives a UI system that is fundamentally the same as WPF, empowering designers acquainted with WPF to learn Software Testing effortlessly. This course demonstrates the principle parts of building UIs with Software Testing.

Software Testing Courses at DLK

In the prior GUI systems, there was no genuine detachment between how an application looks like and how it is carried on. Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai Software Testing Training Objective is: Introduction to Software Testing and its framework Generate XAML for rich user interfaces Define new user interface elements with styles and templates Integrate and stream multimedia content to enhance the user experience Different controls and layouts panels to provide dynamic, responsive user interfaces Create dynamic, data-driven Software Testing applications in a team environment Connect to .NET language code to extend the behavior of Software Testing elements Using Animations Securities in Silver light.

Software testing is the best method to check the software through software intelligence and assure that the product is being escalated as per requirement. There are various tools to test a particular software. This software allows validation and verification of improving performance of websites. One of the best training and coaching centres in Chennai to train students by offering them courses with low fees and structured time duration on Software testing and Modules at their convenience and comfort zone. 

The students are assured that they would receive 100% placement, certificate on course completion and reports from our training institute in Chennai. A great opportunity for engineering students, computer science students as well as beginners in Chennai. We offer the best training and placement for students to test software and learn skills through practices and proficiency through live sessions in Chennai.  

Course Highlights and Why Software Testing in Chennai at DLK?

Online Training

LED Live
Online Training

Classroom Training

LED Classroom

One to One Training

Customized and Exclusive training based on your requirement.

Team/Corporate Training

Customized Corporate Training


  • Definition of Software testing
  • Importance of Software Testing
  • Why do we test?
  • What is the Purpose of
  • Software Testing?
  • Types of Software
  • Project basis
  • Software Quality Assurance (SQA)
  • Improved Customer satisfaction
  • Reduced cost of Development
  • Reduced cost of maintenance
  • Software Quality Control Quality Control Activities
  • Difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Verification and Validation
  • CMM Level and ISO
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Water Fall Model
  • V Model
  • Agile model
  • ASpiral Model
  • Prototype Model
  • RAD Model
  • Iterative Model / Evolutionary Model
  • Incremental Model
  • CMM Level and ISO Test Plan
  • Software Testing Life Cycle
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Test Planning
  • Test Analysis
  • Test Design
  • Construction and verification
  • Testing Cycles
  • Final Testing and Implementation
  • Post Implementation
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • System Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Usability Testing etc.
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Defect / Bug / Error / Fault / Latency bug / Defect Leakage
  • Bug Life Cycle
  • Happy Path
  • Bug tracking manual/Bug Report
  • Bug Tracking using Defect Tracking tool / Defect Log
    Defect Closed / re-open
  • SQL Queries Select, Insert, Update, Delete and Create queries
  • Basic knowledge of Database Testing
  • RTM (Requirements Traceability Matrix )
  • Variance Report
  • Execution Matrix
  • Estimate
  • Weekly Matrices

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The trainers are very professionals and friendly. Our trainers are passionate for training the students and well versed with concepts of modules and the students doubts will be also cleared in a good manner.

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We offer world class teaching and top-notch training to help you discover and groom the technical ability in you. We provide best-in-class infrastructure, online resources, and exposure to you in this world of IT.


When we Certify a Professional , he knows exactly how to deliver a successful project. So get certified, showcase your skills and share your knowledge. Earning certification helps you as an IT professional establish credibility with both your employer and the greater IT industry.

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Our fees is very normal and affordable to all the students in all their criteria.


Our Training classes offers flexible training options including Class room and online /off line training for your learning needs. Choose what to learn, and when and how to learn it. With our trainers or accredited instructors in a hands-on learning environment.

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In placement, we support you in all the ways by giving you well training in your prescribed domain in which will you be able to handle by your own and well versed.

Software Testing Certification Training in Chennai

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