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AngularJS Tutorial Interview Questions


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AngularJS Tutorial Interview Questions

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework used to build rich and extensible web applications. It is developed by Google and follows the MVC (Model View Controller) pattern. It supports HTML as the template language and enables the developers to create extended HTML tags which will help to represent the application’s content more clearly. It is easy to update and receive information from an HTML document. It also helps in writing a proper maintainable architecture which can be tested at a client-side.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework with key features like models, two-way binding, directives, routing, dependency injections, unit tests, etc. On the other hand, JQuery is a JavaScript library used for DOM manipulation with no two-way binding features.

AngularJS controllers are used for:

  • Setting the initial state of the $scope object
  • Adding behavior to the $scope object

A module is a container for the different parts of the application like a controller, services, filters, directives, etc. It is treated as a main() method. All the dependencies of applications are generally defined in modules only. A module is created using an angular object’s module() method. 

For example:

  1. var app= angular.module(‘myApp’, []);  





An injector is referred to as a service locator. It is used to receive object instances as defined by the providers, invoke methods, instantiate types, and load modules. Each Angular application consists of a single injector which helps to look upon an instance by its name.

Logs can be maintained using $log service. The main purpose of $log service is to help in debugging and troubleshooting. It is done with the help of the following methods.

  • log()- It writes a log message in the console.
  • info()- It writes an information message.
  • warn()- It writes a warning message.
  • error()- It writes an error message.
  • debug()- It writes a debug message.
  1. $log.error(‘this will displayed as an error in console’)  

Internationalization is the method for showing locale-specific information on a website. Consider a website displaying content in the English language in the United States and Danish in France.

AngularJS has inbuilt internationalization support for three types of filters:

  • Currency
  • Date
  • Numbers

We need to incorporate the corresponding JS according to the locale of the country. By default, it is configured to handle the locale of the browser.


Every AngularJS application contains a $rootScope, which is the top-most scope created on the DOM element. An application can contain only one $rootScope, which will be shared among all its components. Every other scope is considered as its child scope. It can watch expressions and propagate events. By using the root scope, one can set the value in one controller and read it from the other controller.

  • It is quite similar to service, factories implement a module pattern in which we use a factory method to generate an object which is used for building models.
  •  In a factory, a method object is returned at the end by creating a new object and adding functions as properties.


module.factory(‘factoryName’, function);

It is used to define the AngularJs Application. It appoints the root element of the application and it is kept near the <body> or <html> tag.

We can define any number of ng-app directives inside the HTML document, but only one AngularJS application can be bootstrapped automatically (auto-bootstrapped) and the other applications need to be bootstrapped manually.


<div ng-app=””>

<p>My first expression: {{157 + 122}} </p>


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