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Matlab Training In Chennai


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About Matlab Training

DLK Career Development Centre in Chennai is your trusted partner for mastering MATLAB training in chennai. Our MATLAB training program is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in various fields, from engineering to data science. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced MATLAB user, our expert instructors tailor the training to your level, ensuring that you gain the confidence and expertise to solve complex problems. Join us today and take a significant step toward advancing your MATLAB proficiency.

At DLK Chennai, we understand the importance of hands-on learning and real-world application of MATLAB. Our training emphasizes practicality, and we provide you with opportunities to work on projects that simulate the challenges you’ll face in your career. With DLK’s MATLAB training in chennai, you not only gain in-depth knowledge but also the ability to implement it effectively. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your MATLAB skills and boost your career prospects. Enroll now and open doors to a world of opportunities with DLK Chennai.

At DLK Career Development, we are committed to providing our candidates with the best possible training and to ensuring that they develop all the skills they need to land the desired work. The Matlab Training in Chennai is structured in such a way that the participant gets enough experience along with the theoretical knowledge of all MATLAB’s functions and applications. Our Live Training Staff and Laboratory Support officials ensure this. Such course instructors have an enormous amount of knowledge about Matlab and have worked extensively in many industries using Matlab applications.

Our Matlab Course in Chennai’s primary aim is to build enough work opportunities for the candidates and many of our former participants have been posted at good positions in MNCs across the world. Participants at the Chennai Matlab Training are granted certificate training and placement training at the end of the Chennai Matlab Course, so they are confident enough to attend and transform interviews. You won’t find any other Chennai Matlab Training Institute that provides as much work support as our Chennai Matlab Training and Matlab Courses do.

Best Matlab Training In Chennai

Enroll up for the world’s most challenging skills. Matlab Training in Chennai will bring a new height to your career. We at DLK Career Development provide an excellent forum for industry experts to learn and explore the subject. We help students dream big and make it come true.

DLK Career development offers the finest matlab training to engineering students, final year students as well as beginners in Chennai. We are the best training institute in Chennai. We provide matlab training courses at minimal cost with certificates, report and assure students 100% placement. We are the best matlab training centre in Chennai. Our matlab training course and matlab training fees are economical and feasible for students welfare in their future. The duration of the course will be convenient and comfortable for the students eager to seek knowledge on Matlab in Chennai. 

We render students the supreme knowledge incurred by our professional experts on multi-paradigm programming language and numeric computing environments developed by Mathworks. Engineering students get fortunes and success through the sessions done on engineering applications. We also offer matlab teaching courses for engineering students in Chennai. We focus on Computations of Numerical Linear Algebra and whole matrices and arrays in our training programs for engineering students.

Matlab Course In Chennai

The participant receives appropriate training in Matlab Programming, Speech Processing, SIMULINK, Gesture Control, and many other relevant applications from our Matlab Course in Chennai. The Matlab instructors are extremely helpful and are readily assisting the students with their course queries. They are well-experienced with all of the Matlab principles and can accommodate students effectively from all backgrounds. The Matlab Training Institute in Chennai is to be clean and properly ventilated to provide the participants in the Chennai Matlab Course with a good learning atmosphere. In addition, the practical training facilities are kept up-to-date and the software is updated periodically so that the students are well aware of the new technological advancements.

Course Highlights and Why Matlab in Chennai at DLK?

Online Training

LED Live
Online Training

Classroom Training

LED Classroom

One to One Training

Customized and Exclusive training based on your requirement.

Team/Corporate Training

Customized Corporate Training


  • Math Works
  • MATLAB Overview
  • History of Matlab
  • MATLAB toolboxes, Matlab as {best} calculator
  • Standard Matlab windows, Matrices and vectors
  • S Matrix and linear algebra review, Vectors, and matrices in MATLAB
  • Matrix operations and functions in MATLAB
  • Algorithms and structures, Control structures (if then, loops)
  • Reading and writing data, File handling
  • Personalized functions, Toolbox structure
  • MATLAB graphic functions, Random number generation
  • Arrays, Writing script files, Writing functions
  • GUI Designing, Simple graphics, 2D plots and 3Dplots, Figures, subplots
  • Matlab, Text, Binary & Mixed text-binary files, Communication with external devices, Video input Matlab
  • Creating and Simulating a Model
  • Create a simple Simulink model, simulate it, and analyze the results
  • Explore the Simulink environment interface
  • T Comparisons and decision statements
  • Zero crossings
  • MATLAB Function block
  • Create a model of a PI controller
  • Model discrete transfer functions and state space systems
  • Modeling Continuous Systems
  • Solver behavior
  • Modeling Conditionally Executed Algorithms
  • Enabled subsystems
  • Creating Libraries
  • Create and populate libraries
  • Manage library links

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Trainer Profile

Real-Time Experts as Trainers

The trainers are very professionals and friendly. Our trainers are passionate for training the students and well versed with concepts of modules and the students doubts will be also cleared in a good manner.

Live Project

We offer world class teaching and top-notch training to help you discover and groom the technical ability in you. We provide best-in-class infrastructure, online resources, and exposure to you in this world of IT.


When we Certify a Professional , he knows exactly how to deliver a successful project. So get certified, showcase your skills and share your knowledge. Earning certification helps you as an IT professional establish credibility with both your employer and the greater IT industry.

Affordable Fees

Our fees is very normal and affordable to all the students in all their criteria.


Our Training classes offers flexible training options including Class room and online /off line training for your learning needs. Choose what to learn, and when and how to learn it. With our trainers or accredited instructors in a hands-on learning environment.

Placement Support

In placement, we support you in all the ways by giving you well training in your prescribed domain in which will you be able to handle by your own and well versed.

Matlab Certification Training in Chennai

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