Java is a programming language and platform which was published in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. The Java programming language is secure, fast, and reliable. Platform means any setting h / w or s / w running a program in. Java has its own climate, i.e. runtime It is called web JRE and API. Java has cellphones, cable, and other electronic devices anywhere from PCs to. There are loads of programs and websites that won’t run on your computer without downloading java.


Background James Gosling initially named it Java as “Wood” in 1991. The main goal of implementing a programming language virtual machine is that it can support platform independence, stability, and fast. In 1995 Sun Microsystems published Java First Publication 1.0. Java’s principal principle is “Write Once, Run Anywhere” Nearly all syntaxes are similar to the programming languages C and C++. One of the most powerful mechanisms is the loading of the internal Java Program Java Class. You have to learn what and. the class before you get to grasp this definition. Java is the source code file and .class is the binary file that is created by the java compiler after is .class.

Internally java virtual machine has two separate compiler and interpreter tools. When compiling you need to use the compiler, when executing you should be reliant on the interpreter. An interpreter will load .class here. .class represents the application executable code describing the state associated with the file. If a class is loaded into JVMsame class it cannot be loaded into a similar JVMsame class again. Class loads unique identification into JVM.


Java is an object-oriented language that allows learners to make real-world applications. Java technology based mostly software package works almost everywhere – from the tiniest devices to supercomputers! Java technology parts aren’t compact by the type of computer, phone, good device, or operating systems they’re running on. The architecture-neutral nature of Java technology is very important in a networked world wherever one cannot predict the type of devices that partners, suppliers, and workers use to attach to their organizations.


Java is an object-oriented language that enables learners to make true applications. Java innovation based for the most part programming bundle works all over the place – from the littlest gadgets to super PCs! Java innovation parts aren’t reduced by the sort of PC, telephone, great gadget, or operation frameworks they’re running on. The engineering impartial nature of Java innovation is vital in an arranged world wherever one can’t foresee the kind of gadgets that accomplices, providers, and specialists use to connect to their associations.


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Our Curriculum

Section 1:Introduction (History of Java)   
Java Overview
History of Java
Features of Java
Section 2:Introduction (JSP)   
Basics of JSP
JSP API, the Life cycle of JSP
JSP in Eclipse and other IDE’s
Section 3:Scripting elements   
scriptlet tag
expression tag
Java Do While Loop and Interview Tasks
declaration tag
Section 4:9 Implicit Objects   
out, request, response
config, application, session
pageContext, page, exception
Section 5:Directive Elements   
Page directive
Include directive
Taglib directive
Section 6:Action Elements   
Jsp:forward, jsp:include
Jsp:useBean, Bean class
Jsp:SetProperty & Jsp:getProperty
Section 7:Basics of Servlet   
Servlet: What and Why?
Basics of Web, Servlet API, Servlet Interface
GenericServlet, HttpServlet, Servlet Life Cycle
Section 8:ServletRequest   
ServletRequest methods
Servlet Collaboration , ServletConfig, RequestDispatcher
SendRedirect, ServletConfig methods, ServletConfig example
Section 9:Session Tracking   
Cookies, Hidden Form Field
URL Rewriting, HttpSession
Project Development