Wiring up a controller Next, we will focus on Introduction to compute offering from AWS called EC2, different instance types, and Amazon AMIs, how to launch an AWS EC2 instance, connect with an instance, hosting a website on AWS EC2 instance, and how to set up EBS storage Architecture (AWS persistent storage) and the concepts of AMI and snapshots. Learn various kinds of scalable storage services in AWS training, that are provided by AWS, RRS & Glacier, how to host a static website on AWS, we will also focus on monitoring AWS resources, setting up alerts and notifications for usage and billing.


AWS Training Institute in Chennai In this module, you will learn how to achieve distribution of access control with AWS using IAM, how to the manage relational database service of AWS called RDS and will also cover AWS NoSQL service: DynamoDB Training is a combination of distant cloud computing services, also called web services, that builds a new computing platform. AWS Syllabus makes you familiar with the Web Services platform. Here you go


Our Curriculum

Section 1:Overview of AWS   
    Introduction to Cloud Computing
    AWS Management Console
    AWS Architecture
    Setting up of the AWS Account
Section 2:Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS   
    Demo of AMI Creation
    Amazon EC2
    Amazon EBS, Backup, Restore
    EC2 Services and EBS persistent storage
Section 3:Amazon Storage Services: Glaciers, S3, RRS   
    AWS Storage Services: S3
    Amazon Cloud Watch
    RRS & Glacier
Section 4:Scaling And Load Distribution In Amazon Web Services   
    The key module of AWS training
    ELB and Auto Scaling
    Amazon Scaling Service
Section 5:Identity And Access Management Techniques (IAM)   
    Amazon IAM Overview
    Amazon RDS
    Relational Database Service of AWS
Section 6:Multiple AWS Services And Managing The Resource’s Life-Cycle   
    AWS CloudFront
    AWS Import / Export
    Overview of AWS Products such as Elastibean Stalk
    Cloud Formation
    AWS OpsWorks SNS
Section 7:Project  
    AWS as IAAS
    AWS, storage, compute service & networking