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WCF Training

About WCF Training

This WCF instructional course educates experienced .Net engineers to create reason for building associated frameworks on the Windows stage utilizing .NET, making it conceivable to manufacture secure, dependable, and executed administrations that can be formed into administration arranged applications. This course acquaints engineers with the WCF stage, investigating the customer and administration side parts of programming REST full administrations.

WCF Course At DLK

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Our Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to the .NET Frame Work   3 Hrs

     .NET Frame Work

    .Net Overview

    History of .Net

    Versions Of .NET

Section 2: Introduction (History of WCF)    4 Hrs

    Need for SOA

    Why WCF

    WCF Architecture

Section 3: WCF Concepts    6 Hrs



    Services & Behaviors

Section 4: WCF Programming Model & Addresses 4 Hrs

    Service Model & Installing WCF

    WCF Programming Levels & WCF Addresses

    Programming WCF Addresses

Section 5: WCF Contracts    12 Hrs

    Contracts and the relationship with CLR

    Service Contracts & Types

    Data Contracts & Message Contracts

Section 6: Handling Exception    8 Hrs

    Exception Types

    Handling Exception

Section 7: Clients    8 Hrs

    Client Architecture

    Defining Client Bindings and Endpoints

    Client Communication Patterns

Section 8: Deploying WCF    8 Hrs

    Installing WCF Services


    Security Behaviors and Bindings

Section 9: Services WCF    8 Hrs

    Service Types

    Service Contracts

    Service End points