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SQL Server  Training

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File Management System And Its Drawbacks Database Management System (DBMS) and Data Models Physical Data Models Logical Data Models Hierarchical Data Model (HDBMS) Network Data Model (NDBMS) Relational Data Model (RDBMS) Object Data Model (ODBMS) Object Relational Data Model (ORDBMS) Conceptual Data Models Entity – Relationship (E-R) Model

SQL Server  Course At DLK

TAdvantages and Drawbacks Of SQL Server Compared To Oracle And DB2 Connecting To Server Server Type Server Name Authentication Modes Sql Server Authentication Mode Windows Authentication Mode Login and Password Sql Server Management Studio and Tools In Management Studio Object Explorer Object Explorer Details Query Editor Advantages Of Stored Sub Programs compared to Independent SQL Statements Stored Procedures Creating , Altering and Dropping Optional Parameters Input and Output Parameters Permissions on Stored Procedures User Defined Functions Creating, Altering and Dropping Types Of User Defined Functions Scalar Functions Table Valued Functions Inline Table Valued Functions Multi Statement Table Valued Functions Permissions On User Defined Functions Triggers Purpose of Triggers Differences Between Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions and Triggers Creating, Altering and Dropping Triggers Magic Tables Instead Of Triggers Exception Handling Implementing Exception Handling Adding and removing User Defined Error Messages To And From SQL Server Error Messages List Raising Exceptions Manual

Our Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction To DBMS   8 Hrs

     File Management System And Its Drawbacks

    Database Management System (DBMS) and Data Models

    Physical Data Models

    Logical Data Models

    Hierarchical Data Model (HDBMS)

    Network Data Model (NDBMS)

    Relational Data Model (RDBMS)

    Object Data Model (ODBMS)

    Object Relational Data Model (ORDBMS)

Section 2: Introduction To SQL Server    8 Hrs

    Connecting To Server

    Server Type

     Server Name

    Authentication Modes

    Sql Server Authentication Mode

    Windows Authentication Mode

    Object Explorer

    Object Explorer Details

    SQuery Editor

Section 3: Introduction To TSQL    10 Hrs

    History and Features of TSQL

    Data Definition Language (DDL)

    Data Manipulation Language (DML)

    Data Query Language (DQL)

     Data Control Language (DCL)

     Transaction Control Language (TCL)

     Creating Database

Section 4: Data Manipulation Language     12 Hrs


     Creating A Table From Another Table

    Inserting Rows From One Table To Another

    Differences Between Delete and Truncate

Section 5: Data Query Language (DQL)    2 Hrs


    Where clause

    Column aliases

    Order By Clause

    Isnull() function

Section 6: Built In Functions    6 Hrs

    Scalar Functions

    Numeric Functions

    Conversion Functions

    Date Functions

    Convenient Aggregate Functions

    Statistical Aggregate Functions

    Group By and Having Clauses

    Common Table Expressions (CTE)

Section 7: BTop n Clause    6 Hrs

    Set Operators


    Sub Queries




Section 8: Stored Sub Programs    6 Hrs

    Stored Procedures

    User Defined Functions


    Exception Handling

Section 9: CLR Integration    6 Hrs

    Working With XML Data Type

    Backup and Restore Of Database

    TAttach and Detach of Database