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Robotics Training

About Robotics Training

Different sorts of Robotic Education are accessible all-through the world where as a rule it will resemble a display in which the understudies will be quite recently appeared with different complex Robots hypothetically or will be made to amass maybe a couple Robots. In any case, our technique for instructing Robots to understudies is particularly organized and useful with the end goal that it actuates imagination. Our Syllabus and our technique for educating is an apparent for that.

Robotics Course At DLK

We will prepare the understudies on what a Robot is, the means by which it works, how to manufacture different robots and how to program a Robot in different ways with the end goal that a similar Robot could be made to work in different ways. Toward the finish of this program, we are certain that the understudies will pick up inventiveness and along these lines the capacity to build up his/her own particular Robot.

Our Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to Extensive Field of ROBOTICS    6 Hrs

     Robotics Overview

    Application of Robotics: Industrial, Medical, Entertainment

    Introduction to Manual Robotics

Section 2: Different types of Manual Robots    4 Hrs

    Motor Principle explanation

    DPDT connections demystified

Section 3: Gear assembly and calculations    8 Hrs

    Controlling Motors using DPDT

    Concept of different types of competitions, events Practical

    Manual Robotics practical session

Section 4: Introduction to electronics    4 Hrs

    Applications of electronics

    Electronics components explanation

Section 5: Interfacing      6 Hrs

    Sensor Interfacing

    Types of sensor

    Controlling sensor

Section 6: Proteus Software    8 Hrs

    Circuit Testing

    Circuit Design

    Robot circuits Design

Section 7: Project Work    8 Hrs

    Interfacing Motors through sensors via Arduino

    Proper Calibration for efficient line following