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What is Automation Testing When Automation is needed When Automation is not needed Advantages of Automation Testing Disadvantages of Automation Testing What are the popular Automation Tools in the industry What is the difference between various Automation Testing Tools.QTP IDE , Basic Components in QTP , Addin Manager How does QTP works/Object recognition concept Record a sample Test Understand the Script Execution of a Test Enhancement of recorded script

QTP Course At DLK

QTP Classes and Objects Details of OR Types of OR How to create OR Test Object Vs Run time Object Configuring Object identification Object Spy Object Properties Logical Name Mandatory/Assistive properties /Ordinal identifier Smart Identification Compare and Merge options

Our Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to QTP    6 Hrs

     QTP IDE , Basic Components in QTP , Addin Manager

    How does QTP works/Object recognition concept

    Record a sample Test

    Understand the Script

    Execution of a Test

    Enhancement of recorded script

Section 2: Framework in QTP    4 Hrs

    What is Framework

    Types of Framework

    Linear Scripting

    Structured Scripting

    Data Driven

    Keyword Driven

    Modular Driven


Section 3: Object Repository    8 Hrs

    QTP Classes and Objects

    Details of OR

    Types of OR

    How to create OR

    Test Object Vs Run time Object

    Configuring Object identification

    Object Spy

    Object Properties

    Logical Name

    Mandatory/Assistive properties /Ordinal identifier

    Smart Identification     Compare and Merge options

Section 4: ORecording Modes    4 Hrs

    What is Recording Modes

    GTypes of Recording Modes

    Normal Recording Mode

    Analog Recording Mode

    Low Level Recording Mode

Section 5: Checkpoints    6 Hrs

    What is Checkpoint

    Why Checkpoint is needed

    Types of Checkpoint

    Different ways of Inserting Checkpoints

Section 6:Parameterization    6 Hrs

    What is Parameterization

    Why Parameterization is needed

    Types of Parameterization

    Datatable,Random Number and Environment Number Parameterization

    How to access data from Global Sheet and Local sheet

Section 7: Debugging    8 Hrs

    When Debugging is used

    Step Into

    Step Out

Section 8: Descriptive Programming    16 Hrs

    What is Descriptive Programming

    Types of Descriptive Programming

    Working with DP Object

    Working with Object Collection

Section 9: Basics of VB Scripting    16 Hrs

    Data Types, Variables, Constant


    Conditional construct If Then Else and Select Case

    Looping Construct Do,While,For Next, For Each Next

    Arrays and Functions

    Important Inbuilt functions