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PHP Training

About PHP Training

PHP is a generally utilized, free, and proficient other option to contenders, for example, Microsoft's ASP.PHP is a champion among the best programming lingos proposed for web change including complex functionalities for dynamic web application like talk exchanges, business doors, online business site et cetera. In spite of the fact that PHP is basically used to make web applications, PHP can be used to make desktop applications as well. Applications in light of PHP continue running on Web server like Apache however PHP can be changed to continue running on Microsoft IIS server also.

PHP Course At DLK

Inferable from the expansion of PHP advances over the world, there's a profound requirement for code software engineers to gather a PHP accreditation. DLK Career Development Center offers a gigantic and far reaching arrangement of PHP Programming courses that begins with PHP instructing courses for Beginners and stretches out to PHP programming. The association has as of now gave more than one, 30,000 learners with abilities in PHP innovation through over half dozen.5 million hours training. DLK Career Development Center's end-to-end programs in center and progressed PHP that open learners to genuine activities, have created great PHP experts. The PHP training is conveyed through DLK Career Development Center amazingly qualified teacher that has 50 acclaimed experts. DLK Career Development Center incorporates a specific labs over India's key metros that are furnished with the most up to date tech stages, together with the freshest exchange standard PHP improvement instruments.

Our Curriculum

Section 1: Html / CSS    6 Hrs

     HTML Overview

    HTML Attributes

    HTML Tables

Section 2: HTML syntax, tags and basic attributes 4 Hrs

    Formatting text with HTML

    Adding internal links with named anchor tag

    Image and marquee tags, Div and Span, Creating Forms

Section 3: Introduction to CSS    8 Hrs

    Syntax and type of selectors

    Combination of descendant selectors using IDs and classes

    Java Do While Loop and Interview Tasks

    Inline, internal and external CSS, Image opacity

Section 4: JAVASCRIPT    4 Hrs

    Introduction of Javascript, Declaration syntax of javascript

    Statements, Comments, Popup Boxes

    Alert, Conditional statements, Loopings

Section 5: Jquery & Ajax    6 Hrs

    Introduction Of JQuery, JQuery Effects

    Ajax Synchronous / Asynchronous

    Advantages of Ajax

Section 6: Mysql    6 Hrs

    Databases, Data Types, Tables

    Adding data, Modifying data, Removing data

    Searching data, Tools for Import/Export

Section 7: PHP     8 Hrs

    Introduction to XAMPP (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Apache (HTTP Server)

    MySQL (Database),PHP,Perl) software bundles

    Basic syntax of PHP, Echo and print function

Section 8: Singleline and multiline comments, Error reporting    16 Hrs

    Embedding PHP to HTML and HTML to PHP

    Basic operators

    Conditional statements

Section 9: Break and continue statement, String and date functions    9 Hrs

    Function with arguments, returning a value, Email function using PHP

    Using include, include_once, require, require_once functions

    $_Get, POST and $_REQUEST variable, File handling, session management in PHP