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Oracle Training

About Oracle Training

Oracle instructional exercise gives fundamental and propelled ideas of Oracle. Our Oracle instructional exercise is intended for apprentices and experts. Oracle is a social database administration framework. It is generally utilized as a part of big business applications. Our Oracle instructional exercise incorporates all points of Oracle database, for example, embed record, refresh record, erase record, select record, make table, drop table and so on. There are additionally given Oracle inquiries to help you better comprehend the Oracle database. Oracle database is a social database administration framework. It is known as Oracle database, OracleDB or basically Oracle. It is delivered and promoted by Oracle Corporation.

Oracle Course At DLK

Oracle Corporation is the biggest programming organization in the field of database business. Its social database was the first to bolster SQL which has since turned into the business standard. Oracle database is a standout amongst the most trusted and broadly utilized social database motors. The greatest adversary of Oracle database is Microsoft's SQL Server. Oracle was initially created by Lawrence Ellison (Larry Ellision) and his two companions and previous associate in 1977. Oracle DB keeps running on the most real stages like Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS.

Our Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction (History of Java)    4 Hrs

     What is Oracle?

    Different editions of Oracle database

    History of Oracle

Section 2: Oracle Tables    4 Hrs

    Create Table, Create Table As

    Alter Table, Drop Table

    Global Temp Tables, Local Temp Tables

Section 3: Oracle Views      8 Hrs

    Create View, Oracle Queries, Oracle Select

    Oracle Insert, Oracle Insert All, Oracle Update

    Oracle Delete, Truncate Table

Section 4: Oracle Clauses    4 Hrs

    Oracle DISTINCT, Oracle FROM

    Oracle ORDER BY, Oracle GROUP BY, Oracle HAVING

    Oracle Operators, Oracle Union, Oracle Union All

Section 5: Oracle Intersect    6 Hrs

    Oracle Minus

    Oracle Joins

    Inner Join

Section 6: Outer Join    6 Hrs

    Equi Join

    Self Join, Semi Join

    Cross Join, Anti Join

Section 7: Oracle Advance    8 Hrs

    Oracle Procedure

    Oracle Function

    Oracle Cursor

Section 8: Oracle Trigger    16 Hrs

    Oracle BEFORE Trigger

    Oracle AFTER Trigger

    Oracle DROP Trigger

Section 9: Trigger    9 Hrs

    Oracle ENABLE Trigger

    Oracle DISABLE Trigger