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MVC Training

About MVC Training

JEarlier .NET web application advancement experience and commonality with Object-Oriented Programming ideas is accepted. Some involvement with HTML and JavaScript is likewise anticipated. Encounter creating ASP.NET applications with Web Forms would be valuable. The Model-View-Controller (MVC) is a structural example that isolates an application into three principle consistent parts: the model, the view, and the controller. Each of these parts are worked to deal with particular improvement parts of an application. MVC is a standout amongst the most every now and again utilized industry-standard web improvement system to make versatile and extensible ventures.

MVC Course At DLK

Owing to the proliferation of ASP.Net MVC technologies across the world, there's a deep need for code programmers to amass a ASP.Net MVC certification. DLK Career Development Center offers a massive and comprehensive portfolio of Java Programming courses that starts out with ASP.Net MVC coaching courses for Beginners and extends to .net programming. The organization has already helped give over one, 30,000 learners with skills in Java technology through over half dozen.5 million hours coaching. DLK Career Development Center's end-to-end programs in .net that expose learners to real-life projects have helped produce high-quality ASP.Net MVC professionals. The ASP.Net MVC coaching is delivered through DLK Career Development Center Brobdingnagian pool of extremely qualified instructor that has 50 acclaimed professionals. DLK Career Development Center encompasses specialized labs across India's key metros that are equipped with the newest tech platforms, together with the newest trade customary ASP.Net MVC development tools.

Our Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to the .NET Frame Work   3 Hrs

     .NET Frame Work

    .Net Overview

    History of .Net

    Versions Of .NET

Section 2: Introduction (MVC Basics)    5 Hrs

    Controller, View, Model

    Action Methods

    MVC Architecture

Section 3: The MVC Pattern    12 Hrs

    Domain models and Repositories

    Automatically Implemented Properties

    Using Object and Collection Initializes

Section 4: Entity Framework & Lambda Expressions      4 Hrs

    Working with Controllers

    Template View Helpers

    Explicitly Validating a Model

Section 5: Displaying Validation Messages    12 Hrs

    Alternative Validation Techniques

    Security and Authentication

    Working with Views

Section 6: Working with the ASPX engine    8 Hrs

    Working with the Razor Engine

    Converting ASPX View to Razor View

    Partial Views

Section 7: Adding Dynamic Content to a Razor View     8 Hrs

    Inline code

    Partial Views

    Ajax and Client Scripting & Security

Section 8: ASP.NET MVC's Ajax Helpers    8 Hrs

    JUsing JQuery with ASP.NET MVC



Section 9: Cross-site scripting (XSS)    60 Hrs

    Service Types

    Service Contracts

    Service End points