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LoadRunner Training

About LoadRunner Training

VUSER Script sections (Init, Action and end) Creating New Virtual VUSER script Adding and removing protocols Choosing New Virtual user category Begin Recording on your application Ending and Saving a recording session Running the Created Script Viewing and modifying VUSER scripts Understanding the functions generated in the code Getting Help on functions Workflow Wizard Walkthrough on few Loadrunner functions Recap of Steps for creating Vuser Scripts

LoadRunner Course At DLK

LoadRunner Classes and Objects Details of OR Types of OR How to create OR Test Object Vs Run time Object Configuring Object identification Object Spy Object Properties Logical Name Mandatory/Assistive properties /Ordinal identifier Smart Identification Compare and Merge options LoadRunner architecture Where to install LoadRunner components Identify hardware and software needed for installation Installing Loadrunner samples

Our Curriculum

Section 1: LoadRunner Installation    6 Hrs

     LoadRunner architecture

    Where to install LoadRunner components

    Identify hardware and software needed for installation

    Installing Loadrunner samples.

Section 2: Introduction to VUSER Concept    4 Hrs

    Definition of Vuser

    Why VUGEN is Used

    Features of VUGEN


Section 3: Streamlining Recording    8 Hrs

    Settings to be done before recording

    Modes of recording

    Choosing the right protocol

    Types of protocol loadrunner supports

    Single and Multiple protocols

    When and how to use more than one Action     Deleting Action

Section 4: Recording Script using VUGEN   4 Hrs

    VUSER Script sections (Init, Action and end)

    Creating New Virtual VUSER script

    Adding and removing protocols

    Choosing New Virtual user category

    Begin Recording on your application

    Ending and Saving a recording session

    Running the Created Script

Section 5: Understanding the VUSER script    6 Hrs

    Viewing and modifying VUSER scripts

    Understanding the functions generated in the code

    Getting Help on functions

    Workflow Wizard

    Walkthrough on few Loadrunner functions

    Recap of Steps for creating Vuser Scripts

Section 6:Introduction to VUGEN parameters    6 Hrs

    Definition of parameter

    Why parameterization is required

    Parameters Limitations

    Creating Parameters

    Types of parameters

    Using Existing Parameters

    Using Parameter List

    Parameterization options

Section 7: Running scenarios and controlling Vusers    8 Hrs

    Running entire scenario

    Controlling Vuser groups

    Controlling individual Vusers

    Manually adding Vuser to running scenario

    Manually adding Vuser to Rendezvous

Section 8: Viewing Vusers during executions    16 Hrs

    About viewing vusers during executions

    Monitoring Vuser status

    Viewing the output window

    Viewing Vuser script log

    Logging execution notes

Section 9: Online Monitoring    16 Hrs

    About Online Monitoring

    Setting up the Monitoring environment

    Monitor types

    Choosing Monitors and measurements in the controller     Starting the monitors in the controller

    Opening online monitor graphs in the controller

    Setting monitor options