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C Training

About C Training

C was initially used for system development work, particularly the programs that make-up the operating system. C was adopted as a system development language because it produces code that runs nearly as fast as the code written in assembly language. Some examples of the use of C might be − Operating Systems Language Compilers Assemblers Text Editors Print Spoolers Network Drivers Modern Programs Databases Language Interpreters Utilities

C Course At DLK

C was invented to write an operating system called UNIX. C is a successor of B language which was introduced around the early 1970s. The language was formalized in 1988 by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI). The UNIX OS was totally written in C. Today C is the most widely used and popular System Programming Language. Most of the state-of-the-art software have been implemented using C. Today's most popular Linux OS and RDBMS MySQL have been written in C

Our Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to Programming    6 Hrs

     Program and Programming

    Programming Languages

    Types of software's

Section 2: Fundamentals in C    4 Hrs

    History of 'C' s

    Number systems


    Format specifiers


Section 3:Data types and Input-Output    8 Hrs


    Dealing with each data types

    Single Character Input-Output

     String Input-Output

     printf() Width Specifier

     Memory representation of each type

Section 4: Control statements    4 Hrs

    Conditional Control Statements

    Multiple Branching Control Statement

    Loop Control Statements

     Jump Control statements