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About AngularJS Training

Binding Iteration Filters Forms binding and validation Build: A two-way bound form with validation Post: add tweet to list Show error validation message (tweet too long) Search filter by tag/username/text Overview of the built-in AngularJS services Using angular's $http and $resource services Promises Service registration and injection Using services to build a service Injecting services Build: Create a twitter search service Submit simple search Set result size Create a paging stream (with promises) Pass tests


ANGULARJS means truly a major information, it is a gathering of extensive datasets that can't be prepared utilizing customary registering procedures. Huge information is not just an information, rather it has turned into a total subject, which includes different devices, technqiues and systems. Huge information includes the information created by various gadgets and applications. Discovery Data : It is a part of helicopter, planes, and flies, and so forth. It catches voices of the flight team, recordings of mouthpieces and headphones, and the execution data of the air ship. Online networking Data : Social media, for example, Facebook and Twitter hold data and the perspectives posted by a large number of individuals over the globe. Stock Exchange Data : The stock trade information holds data about the "purchase" and "offer" choices made on an offer of various organizations made by the clients. .

Our Curriculum

Section 1: Overview of AngularJS    4 Hrs

     AngularJS architecture overview

    The Angular Batarang

    3V's of Big Data

    Using Karma ?

    Character count binding

Section 2: Data Binding    4 Hrs

    Wiring up a controller


    Forms binding and validation

    Build: A two-way bound form with validation

    Post: add tweet to list

Section 3: 3 Services and DI    8 Hrs

    Overview of the built-in AngularJS services

    Using angular's $http and $resource services

    Service registration and injection

    Using services to build a service

Section 4: Templates and Routing    4 Hrs

    Linking and images

    The routing API

    PushState, hasbangs and SEO

    Build: Using templates with iteration

    Create a template for each tweet in the list

Section 5: Directives    6 Hrs

    Simple directives

    Using templates

    Working with controllers

    Directive scope and isolate scope

     Build: Tweet Directive

Section 6: Advanced Topics    6 Hrs

    How to avoid polluting the global namespace

    Using modules

    Creating Parameters

    Routing lifecycle events

    AngularJS events

Section 7: Code Dojo: Hacking    8 Hrs

    Spend the last hour playing and hacking with AngularJS