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Big Data Training

About Big Data Training

Due to the advent of new technologies, gadgets, and correspondence implies like person to person communication destinations, the measure of information delivered by humankind is developing quickly consistently. The measure of information created by us from the earliest starting point of time till 2003 was 5 billion gigabytes. In the event that you heap up the information as plates it might fill a whole football field. A similar sum was made in each two days in 2011, and in at regular intervals in 2013. This rate is as yet developing hugely. Despite the fact that this data delivered is significant and can be valuable when handled, it is being disregarded.

Big Data Course At DLK

Big data means truly a major information, it is a gathering of extensive datasets that can't be prepared utilizing customary registering procedures. Huge information is not just an information, rather it has turned into a total subject, which includes different devices, technqiues and systems. Huge information includes the information created by various gadgets and applications. Discovery Data : It is a part of helicopter, planes, and flies, and so forth. It catches voices of the flight team, recordings of mouthpieces and headphones, and the execution data of the air ship. Online networking Data : Social media, for example, Facebook and Twitter hold data and the perspectives posted by a large number of individuals over the globe. Stock Exchange Data : The stock trade information holds data about the "purchase" and "offer" choices made on an offer of various organizations made by the clients. .

Our Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction Big Data    4 Hrs

     What is Big Data?

    From where this data comes from?

    3V's of Big Data

    What is Hadoop?

Section 2: Hadoop    4 Hrs

    Modules of Hadoop

    Advantages of Hadoop

    HDFS, Yarn, MapReduce

Section 3: HBase    8 Hrs

    HBase Overview

    What is HBase, HBase Model

    HBase Read, HBase Write

Section 4: HBase MemStore    4 Hrs

    HBase Installation, RDBMS vs HBase

    HBase Commands

    HBase Example

Section 5: Hive    6 Hrs

    What is Hive?, Hive Installation, Hive Data Types

    Hive Partitioning, Hive Commands, Hive DDL Commands

    Hive DML Commands, Hive Sort by Order by, Hive Joins

Section 6: Pig    6 Hrs

    What is Pig?, Pig Installation, Pig Run Modes

    Pig Latin Concepts, Pig Data Types

    Pig Example, Pig UDF

Section 7: Sqoop    8 Hrs

    What is Sqoop?

    Sqoop Installation

    Starting Sqoop

Section 8: Import & Export    16 Hrs

    Sqoop Import

    Sqoop Where

    Sqoop Export

    Sqoop Integration